Contacts backup and transfer

Contaker keeps all your precious contact information in one place and allows to transfer contacts without efforts.

Copying contacts via contaker

Contaker backs up to the cloud and transfers contacts from various operational systems in just a few clicks. It saves all your iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS, Outlook contacts — all from the same account.




Java, Symbian, Bada
Contacts transfer across devices

Contacts Backup and Export

You have 24/7 web access to contacts from any device. Even when your phone is not around.

Keeping Your Contacts Safe. No data loss

Contaker saves all contact data and quality of contact photos while transfer.

Up to 30 backups. No synchronisation

Contaker creates a unique backup for every device. It can be restored anytime.


Easy Contacts Managing

Contaker makes managing your contacts from different devices easy. From now on you can backup, migrate, edit, export and import contacts in a moment.

Only contacts you need

You can keep contacts in the cloud without downloading them to devices. Then, if you want, you’ll export these contacts.

Main copy of contacts

Now merging contacts from your old and new devices is effortless. Intellectual system of copying merges contacts from different devices without duplications. When you copy contacts and transfer them you’ll see no repeating entries.

Viewing cloud contacts

Contaker Mac OS and Windows applications

Export Contacts Regardless Operational System or Brand

Don’t worry about contacts when changing device.

Contacts in the cloud

You can migrate mobile, Mac or Outlook contacts in just a few clicks regardless brand and OS. All you have to do is install Contaker to your new device, choose a backup and press “Receive”.


Best service for contacts transfer and backup

Tech support
Technical Support

Quick solutions of all your issues using Contaker. Just contact our Tech Support and we’ll do everything we can to help .

Contacts encryption
Encrypted data transfer

We use modern technologies to protect your contacts during transfer and storage. And encrypt your data all the time. So that no one can access it.


Set Autocopying and forget about necessity to backup new contacts. Contaker will do it for you.

Outlook Contacts Migration and Some More Advantages

Just some examples of how Contaker can help

Each plan includes
  • Contacts Backup
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Support
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac OS, Java, Symbian applications
  • Availability to view & dial contacts in the cloud
  • View in the cloud
  • No device copying
Premium Light
  • View in the cloud
  • 10 copyings of contacts to devices
  • View in the cloud
  • 6 months of unlimited copyings